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Createascene is a 200 page book with over 120 colour drawings, diagrams and photos, it is a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to know more about the art department in the film industry. An essential source of reading for all film students. Written by Bruce Hill.

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Many people outside and often within the film industry are often intrigued by the techniques used to create scenery, props and effects for our industry. The object of ‘Createascene’ is to provide an insight into this very specialised area of the trade. Why it’s all done in a certain way and more importantly ‘how it’s done’ on a practical level. The book shows all aspects of the art department from initial script, research and set design, through to the building and painting of scenery and props up to the filming and strike. It is written for those wishing learn more and to pursue a possible career in the art department. This is book of solutions, gained from years of experience in the industry that takes a detailed look at virtually every aspect of the art department.

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About The Author.

Bruce Hill started working in the film industry in the early 1980’s after studying at Kingston Art College. He was introduced to the industry at an early age by his father, Ken, a well-known scenic artist. Bruce began by assisting his father with scenic artwork on films like ‘Alien’ and ‘Time Bandits’.

He soon became one of the youngest Art Directors of TV commercials in the business. In the Pop Video era of the late ‘80s, their family studio became a central hub for designing, building and shooting some of the best-known videos of the time. Including early ‘Simple Minds’ and ‘Peter Gabriel’ promos, as well as all-time greats such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbuster’.

Bruce’s flourishing career as designer and art director continued working on numerous award-winning commercials, short films and promos both in the UK and around the world.

Whilst lecturing at local film schools, he was often asked if he had ever considered writing something that could be useful to aspiring film students.

‘Createascene’ is the result!

Excerpts and photos from the book are in sections of this website which show samples of the many topics covered.

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