Production Design by Bruce Hill.

Enter the world of Bond, a co production planned to synchronise with the release of Quantum of Solace. Seamlessly combining the newly shot film with our footage to create a commercial for Heineken. The story involved a normal actor being transported out of his usual mundane life into a Bond world once he’d bought the beer in the supermarket.

Early stages involved replicating a bar originally built on location. The elements of which, still covered in sand, had just returned from the bond shoot, requiring repair. Walking through Pinewood and seeing the multitude of bond vehicles, their doubles, and even triples truly emphasises the sheer scale of these productions with one stage set aside for the product placement alone. A truly massive task for their prop men without whom would have made this job impossible.

Director, Keith English, wanted to take the project back to the Ken Adam days (the original Bond designer) with magical interior spaces far too large to build with today’s budgets. As a result we decided to build a model of the main set, hire real interior props, then shoot them separately for later insertion with a┬áscaled up┬ámove on the motion control camera rig. This move would then match the initial shot of the model. Our actor could then be reduced down to fit in the model. I would also build a full sized part set using matching balustrades from the Columbian location (luckily the bond crew still had a plaster mould of these). This full sized section was big enough to fill half our 90’sq stage on it’s own. The matching Interior bar set was built on the stage next door. This was filmed in two days with very little prep time so we could fit in with the bond girl, Olga’s schedule whilst she was in the UK.

It can be very cost prohibitive filming in UK supermarkets as they are always open requiring overnight filming or closing the store hence the exterior house and interior supermarket was filmed later in Holland. This required changes of signage and generally tarting up. I was then informed that their Heineken packs were different to the UK ones so asked to fly some out with me. A whole display needed creating so I designed an mdf stand that displayed the cardboard labels instead of the whole pack with bottles. This only needed the top two shelves to be real. The dutch house required very little work except that there was no roadside pavement! So Kris and Stef from the local art dept Artpact helped create one on some sheets of board laid down on the grass, there ain’t nothing we can’t do!