Production Design by Bruce Hill.

This was an interesting project as it involved many different types of media all working together to form the game. The idea was to offer a prize for completing the game with the clues surreptitiously placed in the film. The films, two were shot, were to be aired only once and it was combined with radio and internet clues all leading to the penultimate prize. Due to its secrecy we, the crew, were not told the clues but just given a list of things to be incorporated in the final film. It was very popular in Holland where it was eventually shot.

The brief for me was to design a French hospital and an interior of a derelict house with a fantastic train set within. Exteriors for the house and hospital were shot in Spain and I remember, from England, having to source accurate French hospital signs to make Spain look like France!

Things like boomerangs being thrown and special numbers on the train track were inserted in the film to provide vital clues and the interior of the house set had a special room to house the train set (half normal size) and a hallway with a collapsing floor for the final scene.

The train set model was built half normal scale and the actors superimposed in later. We built little half size tables and chairs for this together with half sized piles of books to support the train tracks.