Lectures And Other Work

A lot of my spare time is spent preparing lectures and training new aspirational students to our industry (click above for information). This is extremely rewarding as, rather than an academic structured approach, todays students often ask for a more practical introduction to art direction. Budgets and health and safety being a primary issue. They already have great ideas, so why influence these; they just need the kind of practical advice to put their ideas into motion.
I have also discovered that it’s not just future art departments that find this information useful but entire film crews. In a recent survey I found that over 80% of the students thought the advice really useful and would recommend to others.

Having now released my book ‘Createascene’ I have probably underestimated the time and resources required to market it. Not being a professional in this area I got many marketing elements the wrong way around and released it without a proper strategy. This is all a learning curve for me so advice would be greatly appreciated, especially in foreign parts!
Createascene can be seen in greater detail in the ‘New Book’ section of this site, link above. I really feel that there is a need for this in our industry especially now that most of our new entrants are emerging through film schools and colleges.

Past History.
Coming from a family business running a film studios (Westbridge) and an upbringing virtually on a film set my career was always pretty much mapped out, so I’ve never had a proper job with security and paid holidays. I went straight from Art College into scenic artwork assisting my father Ken and mother Nina, both talented artists, and then into the studios. It’s ironic that I’ve ended up working a lot with the BBC now, one of my fathers past employers, though that department is now disbanded.
With this scenic art background I am occasionally asked to paint murals, above, but mixing art direction with painting doesn’t often work (a lot of paint in my ear from picking the brush up rather than the phone!) so I keep this for private clients only.
I’ve designed numerous stills sets, usually for cars together with occasional sets for parties and exhibitions and built my children’s schools carnival floats.
I also designed my own house extension and done numerous building projects in my house, it’s strange doing something designed to stay up for longer than two weeks!
A release from all this is spent dinghy racing at weekends and if money were no object, I’ll be on my boat all year round in the elements.