I got into promos by accident. I happened to have just finished a commercial, the set still in the truck and I was asked to rebuild it for a promo, at a very reasonable cost. This started a long spell with Limelight and many other production companies. More jobs than time to write but below are some of the highlights.

MICHAEL JACKSON “Billy Jean”: During a very busy period I was asked to design the set for this video. A street scene was required and it was to be built in LA. Steve Baron (director) thought up the idea of making the pavement light up. We couldn’t afford to build a second story for the street, or for me to fly over, so I designed the set for a “glass shot” where the floors above were painted on a glass sheet and positioned just in front of the camera. To this day I see my initial visual reproduced exactly on the screen. The American art director (Kim Colefax) collected all the awards and unfortunately I never got to meet MJ.

BOY GEORGE & CULTURE CLUB: I did quite a few of theirs; “Time” and “It’s a Miracle” stand out. The crew all sang happy birthday for me on “Time”.

EDDIE GRANT: Again we did a number of these, mostly in the Caribbean. On “Electric Avenue” I had to build the lounge of Eddies Brixton flat on a pool at the local hotel (so he could fall through the floor). Later that night a dog was caught eating all the wallpaper paste off the flats I’d left outside prior to filming meaning a major repair job, as this was the only “English looking” wallpaper in Barbados! On another video for Musical Youth I managed to get nearly half the crew arrested after leaving some unused white smoke canisters in the crew van. The police thought they were bombs.

STEVIE NICKS: Built this one whilst working in Los Angeles. Unfortunately she wasn’t ready to film due to certain health problems. So we took the set down and rebuilt a month later in a different stage requiring my return to America.

PETER GABRIEL “I don’t remember”: Very intense promo with Peter knowing exactly what he wanted. It’s great to work with someone so involved in all the aspects of the promo and design. Highlights were on the wrap when a large sack of fullers earth fell from the 6 story location creating a mushroom cloud 40foot high and filling everyone’s vehicles with dust.

CLIFF RICHARD: A big street scene at Shepperton. I got in trouble for not having a prop man; it was a very unionised industry then.

KATE BUSH: I did three of hers. By far the best was “Cloud Buster” directed by Julian Doyle (editor, Time Bandits), which was based on a true story and involved me creating a 50’s laboratory for Donald Sutherland. The Cloud buster was last seen going to Kate’s house.

Many, many more including TINA TURNER, DOLLY PARTON, SIR ELTON JOHN, SIMPLE MINDS, WANG CHUNG etc etc. A small selection appears in the video below.

Some of the many pop videos I designed are now just starting to pop up on U-tube, links below (If you look carefully, I appear in one of them!):

1. Michael Jackson-Billy Jean:

2. Culture Club-It’s a Miracle:

3.Kate Bush-Cloudbusting:

4. Eddie Grant-Electric Avenue:

5. Eddie Grant-I Don’t Wanna Dance.

6. Eddie Grant-Do You Feel My Love

7. Altered Images-See Those Eyes (1982):

8. Paul Young-Everything Must Change (1984):

9. Steve Levine-Believing It All (1984):

10. Kate Bush-Hounds Of Love (1986):

11. Haysi Fantayzee-John Wayne Is Big Leggy (1982)

12. Stevie Nicks-Talk To Me:

13. Naked Eyes: When the lights go out:

14. Naked Eyes, Promises Promises:

15. Kajagoogoo- Hang On Now