Production Design by Bruce Hill.

At the start of the last Sainsburys Campaign a new family were introduced in which the mum just happened to work at Sainsburys. Jonny Campbell from Mustard Films was the director and we had to establish the family with it’s own home, car, kids and all the associated realism. These commercials were shot in unison with the existing ‘in store’ commercials.

Firstly we needed a home to use for our family. This location had to not only be suitable, ie: large enough for filming, but also available for future shoots throughout the next year, together with a car and all actors, including a dog! The chosen location was a perfect open plan converted Victorian house in Twickenham, quite near an existing Sainsburys store. Already a family home it didn’t require too much work, just re dressing and re painting in one room. My usual reliable art dept team had to remove the existing owners furniture, this was put into temporary storage as we needed the space, and re dress with our chosen props, some purchased and some hired. We shot these virtually every fortnight and often used the ‘day 2’s’ to shoot some location work at the adjacent stores.

Traditionally supermarket interior commercial have to be shot overnight to allow us freedom without affecting shoppers, however these were shot around ‘quieter days’, which caused a slight disruption to the loyal customers. The usual tasks involve completely re dressing aisles with new product and hanging the new product placement banners together with removing existing stock. Continuity was a primary issue, especially in the house so an itinery was made of all the props seen each week and special storage facilities were used between shoots. This was combined with other commercials filmed around the country for various specials with Jamie Oliver etc.

After nearly a year filming in the Twickenham house the neighbours had finally had enough of the disruption forcing us to completely re create the house in a studio. This was built at Halliford Studios and consisted of the complete ground floor designed for storage between shoots. We also had to source all the existing house props, that we used from the owner, with most of our replacements found through prop houses and web trails, all over the Christmas period. The subsequent shoots finished in record time due being on a sound stage and the set being built a little larger to facilitate easier lighting. Sadly though, these came to an eventual end with the campaign going to a new creative team at the agency.