During my initial career with the family business I assisted on many renowned features, some memorable highlights include:

ALIEN: Where I learnt not to plug in the paint compressor whilst standing in the flooded H stage resulting in a 110volt shock.

TIME BANDITS: I remember watching Terry Gilliam operating the camera with one hand and holding a paintbrush with the other touching up the perspective model. He finished some parts of the film (see above) in our Battersea studio, Westbridge.

YANKS: Helping out here with the scenic work and painting barbed wire to look rusty!

THE WALL: I never appreciated how big Los Angeles was until helping to paint it on A stage, Pinewood.

LOVE POTION: My first feature film as production designer directed by Julian Doyle (Editor, Time Bandits). A film about a drug rehabilitation clinic which had rather unorthodox treatments. Quite disturbing, but a good film non the less. Included Studio set builds, location shoots and location builds in Dartmoor in the winter (a 12 week shoot).


BUS LIFE: A Disney twelve part children’s series based entirely on the bus rides home from school. A specially converted bus needed designing for this award winning series directed mainly by Keith English.


CANCER RESEARCH: Short film directed by Barney Edwards, a bit depressing really, but that was the idea.

CASK OF AMONTILLADO: I agreed to take it on but later realized it was all night shoots (no fun when followed directly by a week of day shoots for another client). Directed by Mario Cavalli.

IT CAN BE DONE: Great true 1950’s sci fi story. I just had to do this as it involved making yet another Cloudbuster. Wonderfully directed by Jon East.

THE VECTRA FILE: Low budget 20min. James Bond spoof all to sell a rather bland car!

OMEGA Film: Some strange Dali type creations in a Moroccan desert for three weeks, again just to sell a car, looked like a very long commercial with stylish desert driving shots and won an art direction award.

TOP DOG: Great little film directed by Keith English and DOP. Bob Williams. All based in a greyhound stadium.

CATALYST: A very stylish film with a great soundtrack directed by Matt Lossasso and Clive Norman DOP.