Production Design by Bruce Hill.

Sisi 1 and 2. Sisi is a very popular European drink with, I learnt in retrospect, quite a cult following for their commercials in Europe, with little animated fruit characters continuing their adventures in their own celebrity world.

Sisi 1 the first commercial was based in an upmarket casino style private club around a Jacuzzi. All the characters are created in cgi but they needed some sets. We built a model frontage to provide an entrance and the scale of this was dictated by the size of the toy sports cars available to buy. The rear of the building and Jacuzzi were a larger scale to ease filming practicalities and these were created by Bill Pearson and his team (commonly renowned for his work on the Bond and Red Dwarf series). Whilst filming we even created a model backstage setting where the characters were interviewed for a separate viral film. Memorable moments being up to six crew under the set, one on car movement, one on fountain water, one on smoke, one on car lights, brake and dust etc. All to the cue of the then laughing dop, so much so, we had camera shake!

Sisi 2 featured these characters as a pop band doing one of their famous gigs. Richard Van Der Burgh took care of these models and built an exterior street scene and an interior theatre for the band to play, all the lights and smoke were practical. The plot story being that the banana, jumps from the stage mid performance and ruins the gig half way through causing mayhem. They were then pursued through the desert in their tour bus. These models were of similar scale (see photos) with the exteriors scale again being dictated by the toy car size.

All of the above models were about one week’s prep, two weeks building time, then shipped to Holland for set up and filming. The tour bus was generated from an existing truck in Bill’s workshop.