Awards ceremonies are not my favourite places and I find it strange that they often arrive for the most un expected of jobs, the last being a D&AD award for a House of Sadam documentary promotion. I didn’t do too much on that other than delagate! On other occasions, where I thought they were deserved, I find it’s been snapped up by the agency and one doesn’t hear until after the event.

Many of my jobs have won awards though, one being a BBC Dunkirk programme promotion with Andrea Kapos directing where we created new footage to be inserted into the already shot film, this new section even confused the actual programme makers, as they couldn’t remember filming it! Another recent one was Campaign magazines “Lemon”, worst weekly commercial for Knorr Chicken Tonight with an anamatronic panda.

However, accidentally hearing complimentary comments about the set are often enough to satisfy any designer and I’m no exception there, I also maintain that one of the best accolades must be repeated bookings from regular clients.

The surrounding pictures show some wonderful comments made by various clients. I’m still building on this section as I hate printing such letters.